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Historic Hauck Mansion

Historic Hauck Mansion in Cincinnati

Louis Hauck   It All Started with Beer…

The original builder and owner of this home was Louis Hauck, a Cincinnati Beer Baron who inherited the John Hauck Brewing Company from his father, John Hauck.  Louis Hauck was born in 1866.  He was instrumental in the development of the highly successful beer company in Cincinnati that was started by his father and John Windisch in 1863, three years before Louis was born. The beer industry in Cincinnati with it’s large German population was at it’s height.  Louis took over the family business and it continued with great success until prohibition.

(John) Hauck & (John) Windisch 1863-1879

John Hauck 1879-1881 John Hauck Brewing Co.Dayton Street Brewery

1881-1896 John Hauck Brewing Co. (400/435 Dayton Street)

1896-1919 John Hauck Co. 1919-1933

This 22 room beautiful mansion was built as the summer estate for his family, his main home is on Dayton Street (Cincinnati’s Millionairs Row at the time) near the brewery which is sadly gone. The Hauck Mansion of Sharonville, Ohio was built in 1904.  It has 9 fireplaces, beautiful flooring, mosaic tile and perfect stained glass in almost every room.  Louis used local artisans to craft the home.  During harder times Louis was a generous philanthropist.

The mansion was purchased in 2008 and has been carefully and meticulously restored by its generous benefactor to sustain for the next 100+ years.  An elegant icon of the past for everyone to enjoy.